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  Low Temperature Flooded Type Chiller  
  DATE:2011-9-9 8:36:42  

      Before introducing low temperature flooded type chiller, let us talk about our commercial standard air comfort cooling flooded type chiller which we already launched to the commercial market in large-scale production.

      “Flooded Type Chiller” is a modern design application for chillers. This type of chiller has been mainly applied to commercial central air conditioning and refrigerant system. It supplies “chilled water” to refrigeration system, and this is how chiller named. Generally, we classify it a “Chilled Water chiller” when it provides straight cooling only; and named it as “heat pump” when the unit provides cooling and heating function.

      When we say “Flooded Chiller”, it means this chiller adopts “flooded evaporator” which is different from “dry type” and “falling film type” evaporators. For flooded evaporator, refrigerant is flowed in the shell side, while chilled-water runs inside the tubing. Observing from its cross-section, we will find there is over half of shell is filled with refrigerant, and those tube bundles inside is flowed with chilled water.

      Below is a diagram showing a flooded type evaporator:
Flooded Type Evaporator Diagram



      Compared to DX dry type evaporator/chiller, flooded type evaporator/chiller has higher heat transfer efficiency, closer temperature difference between chilled water outlet temperature and refrigerant evaporating temperature, lower flowing resistance, better refrigeration efficiency (higher COP), suitable for large size chiller. Nevertheless, flooded type chiller is initially charged with greater amount of refrigerant, and needs an exclusive lubrication system.

      At present, most low temperature chillers in the market are mainly designed with DX dry type evaporators. Their heat transfer efficiency suffers a dramatically fallback in the low temperature application. With a flooded type evaporator design application to low temperature chiller enables us to improve substantial chiller COP and, thus increase our products competitiveness.

      This year our company has launched our “low temperature flooded type chiller”. We have successfully made a test to chiller model 40STD-F530WS(B)3, with technical performance data is as below:

Compressor: RC2-470BF
Evaporator glycol in/out temperature: 0℃/-5℃
Evaporating temperature: -7℃
Condenser cooling water in/out temperature: 30℃/35℃,
Condensing temperature: 38℃,
Cooling capacity: 326.8 kW, with input power: 90.8 kW
COP: 3.6
Chiller cost: USD24,100-

Compare with our standard low temperature DX dry type chiller, model 40STD-FDSM2. The unit performance data is as below:

Compressor: RC2-550BF
Evaporator glycol in/out temperature: 0℃/-5℃
Evaporating temperature: -10℃
Condenser cooling water in/out temperature: 30℃/35℃,
Condensing temperature: 40℃,
Cooling capacity: 324.3 kW, with input power 106 kW
COP: 3.059
Chiller cost: USD20,420 USD

      Although the initial cost for new investment of Low Temperature Flooded Chiller is USD3,680 more, its input power is 15.2 kW less than Low Temperature DX dry type chiller. Refer to electricity bill, we can obviously save this amount within several months. You can do the calculation!

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